Results from Delphi studies approved the use of a decision-making study technique toward organizational goals . . .

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Decision makers (e.g. executives, managers) in general need a multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) approach to support their decisions in order to achieve the organizational strategic goals and business objectives. This has revealed the following question to simply and confirm the importance of the Delphi method as a decision-making study technique for improving business process management (BPM) and workflow system performance.

To begin, discussions about the importance of the Delphi method and BPM for the organizational performance using results from Delphi studies, which have been used to explain how…

An introductory e-lesson about improving organizational performance using the Delphi method

Metrics-based Leadership

What’s the best way to enhance the quality of our decision-making processes? This is the easy way to begin such a complex organisational performance improvement process.

Assume that you are looking to make high quality decision-making processes to enhance your organisation business process management (BPM) and workflow information systems (WISs) performance in order to achieve business objectives and organisational goals. Sure, there are many ways, but which way would you choose and trust? Most BPM studies confirmed that decision-making business techniques can be used to ensure achieving the expected BPM and WISs performance, and to meet the required business standards.

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